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Tableside Show-Offs; Smitten's Bespoke Automobile

Also: "Bumgarnering" is now a thing and Auberge Resorts are chasing after a younger crowd.


NORTH BEACH— Long time neighborhood restaurant fixture Lina Toracca, who waited tables for decades at U.S. Restaurant on Columbus Avenue, has died. She was 88. [Chron]

MILL VALLEYAuberge Resorts is expanding in wine country with a new "lifestyle hospitality brand" targeting a younger audience than they usually go after. [SFBiz]

EVERYWHERE— "Bumgarnering" is now a thing, and it consists of pouring a lot of Budweiser on yourself. [SFWeekly]

FANCY PLACES— Tableside service carts still exist and are making the rounds at some of the city's fine dining establishments and 7x7 is appropriately impressed. [7x7]

HAYES VALLEY— Noted made-to-order ice cream shop Smitten now has a bespoke automobile called the "Slinger" that comes complete with their signature Brrr System and a cute little trailer. No word yet on whether this thing will ever actually hit the streets. [Hoodline]