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Comstock Reopens Car-Damaged Room, Serves Sidecars to Support Injured Patron

Order a "Skrewed Driver," and help out the bartender injured by the BMW that crashed into the historic saloon.

Rose Garrett

There's probably nothing more distressing than seeing a wayward BMW careen through the doorway of your historic bar—other than, of course, just having renovated that bar. So it was for the staff and patrons of Comstock Saloon, who thankfully escaped life-threatening injuries when a crazy driver crashed into the Monkey Bar, Comstock's recently-updated side room, last month. Nonetheless, they had a good sense of humor about it, even posting the sign above on the boarded-up wall into which the car crashed, and the Monkey Bar is now officially reopened.

The driver did, however, hurt two guests, one of whom was Rhode Island-based Tyler Schweppe (of Providence's Dorrance), who sustained a knee fracture. Comstock's owners held a fundraiser at 15 Romolo to pay for Schweppe's care, but the damaged half of the bar had to stay closed until now. In honor of the reopening, they're now offering a themed cocktail menu, entitled "The Toughest Bar in San Francisco." The three drinks are all humorously car-themed: a Sidecar, a Drive-Thru Daiquiri, and a Skrewed Driver (which can be made into a Wallbanger for an extra $2). $1 from the purchase of any of the three drinks will be donated to Schweppe's recovery fund. As for the driver, who was arrested not only for this crime, but for an outstanding drug-related warrant, there's no new news as of yet.