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A Sneak Peek of GFF, A New Gluten-Free Food Mag Based in SF

Craig and Annie Stoll, Lena Kwak, and other SF chefs star in the premiere issue.

Maren Caruso and Erika Lenkert.
Maren Caruso and Erika Lenkert.
Maren Caruso

Erika Lenkert had a dark secret (by food-writer standards) that not even her closest colleagues knew: since 2001, she'd eschewed gluten, due to health issues. That didn't stop her from writing about food for SF Mag and the Chron or writing several cookbooks, many of which were gluten-free without advertising themselves as such. But now she's coming clean with the debut of GFF (short for Gluten-Free Forever), a new quarterly food magazine made right here in SF. Along with gluten-consuming collaborator Maren Caruso (a photographer who shot Daniel Patterson's Coi cookbook, among other projects), Lenkert has created a high-end magazine for food lovers who just happen to not eat gluten, packed with recipes and tips for those hard-to-adapt dishes (pasta and bread are extensively covered in the first issue).

While GFF is aimed at a national audience, much of the first issue is Bay Area-centric and engages with local chefs like Craig and Annie Stoll (Delfina), Lena Kwak (the Thomas Keller alum behind Cup4Cup flour), and Niki Ford (formerly of Chez Panisse). There's also a guide to the best SF restaurants for gluten-free diners, like Nopalito, Ichi Sushi + Ni Bar, and Bar Tartine.

Interested in snagging a copy of GFF? They're selling it in print and digital form on their website, or you can buy it at Omnivore Books, Rainbow Grocery, Rare Device, and, beginning next week, the Pacific Heights and Berkeley outposts of Whole Foods.