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Healthy, Vegetable-Centric Cafe Coming to Inner Richmond

Nourish Cafe is the brainchild of three friends with a passion for healthy eating.

From left: Kohn, Miller, and Bacon.
From left: Kohn, Miller, and Bacon.

The trio of Sarah Bacon, Joseph Kohn, and Brighton Miller know all about healthy lifestyles—after all, they met in a fitness boot camp. Now, they're bringing their passion for plant-based cooking to the Inner Richmond, with a new project called Nourish Cafe. To be located at 189 6th Avenue (at California), the petite cafe will offer healthy, yet tasty vegetarian and vegan food.

The restaurant veteran in the group is Kohn, who's evolved from a carnivore to a vegan over the years; Miller, a trained natural-foods chef and personal trainer, and Bacon, an entrepreneur and the voice behind the RichmondSF blog, are newcomers to the industry. All three live within six blocks of the restaurant, and are hoping to offer their neighbors a hard-to-find option in the Richmond: healthy, meat-free, dairy-free food like salads, sandwiches, juices, smoothies, and whole-grain baked goods sweetened with maple syrup and coconut. The space will be small, with eight seats inside, though they're applying for sidewalk seating as well; they won't have beer and wine.

To open the doors, Nourish is holding a $15K Kickstarter campaign, which will pay for decor and a commercial juicer; extra funds will go towards online ordering, neighborhood delivery, and a grab 'n go refrigerated case. Rewards range from a hug from the owner of your choice to five juices and a logo mug. If all goes according to plan, they hope to open up in December.