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Lower Haight's Cuco's Set to Close After Eviction Battle

23 years of plantain burritos come to a close.

Andrew Dudley/Hoodline

They survived a near-miss with closure back in 2012, but Lower Haight taqueria Cuco's won't be so fortunate this time. Known for their plantain burritos, the 23-year-old, family-run taqueria has been mired in a legal battle with landlord Robert Shelton since July, when he sent them an eviction notice. (Fun fact: Shelton was also the guy who sent a letter to his residential tenants saying they needed to make at least $100K per year to stay in the building, which he later retracted after a host of negative media attention.) Unfortunately, nothing could be done to keep Cuco's in the building, and the Campos family is planning to close next week, according to Hoodline.

The issue lies with a poorly constructed commercial lease, as well as a lack of intervention by the city government, an attorney and friend of the Campos family told Hoodline. Cuco's took their eviction to court, but the motion was denied, and their attorney advised them that they would likely lose a court battle and be forced to pay their landlord's legal fees. Given that prospect, Cuco's decided to settle. Its final day will be this Monday, October 13. The Campos family is considering other options for their next step, including pop-ups and/or a food truck.