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Trocadero Club Closes Tonight, Will Be Reborn as Rx

After a quick revamp, the bar will reopen with a new focus on amari, herbal remedies and medicinal alcohol.

Rose Garrett

From the Tenderloin comes word that the Trocadero Club will shutter tonight, November 10th after barely a year in business. According to the bar's owner, the always-entertaining Dennis Leary, "we have decided to do a mercy killing on the Trocadero. Try as we might, that pony wouldn't get up and run." In his experience, Leary tells Eater via email, "the best way to handle a situation like this is to put a bullet in the brain." He adds: "Feel free to quote me on that."

After a brief closure, a darker coat of paint and a revamp of the cocktail program, the bar will be re-open later this week as Rx, under new operations manager and bartender Erick Ochoa, formerly of Michael Mina and Natoma Cabana. "He's not afraid to bartend in his underwear, should circumstances merit," Leary says, although we don't think he really means it.

Threats of striptease aside, Rx—which is short for either "Remedy" or "Recipe" depending on your preference—will be focusing on amari, with the ambitious goal of hosting the largest collection of the bitter and herbaceous bottles on the West Coast. With that in mind, Ochoa is cooking up a menu that harkens back to a more innocent age when alcohol was considered medicinal and drinks were herbal remedies rather a slippery slope on the way to a hangover.

Again, Rx looks to flip the Parisian-inspired decor around quickly and is on track to re-open as early as November 15th.

Trocadero Club

701 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 952-0481