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Goodbye South End Bar and Grill, Hello Aaron London

Award-winning chef and current local bartender, Aaron London, pursues a restaurant in the Mission.

John Storey/The Chronicle

The South End Bar and Grill appears to be on the way out, according to an application for transfer of their liquor license. Perhaps a few in the neighborhood will be sad to say goodbye to the Mac 'n Cheese Bar, but the alternative is far more interesting. Aaron London, formerly of Ubuntu, seems to be plotting a new project at the corner of Valencia and 26th, an area in need of some new dining options.

Since the 2012 shuttering of the award-winning vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu, Aaron London has been quietly bar tending at Locanda, biding his time. A San Francisco restaurant has always been in the works, according to InsideScoop, and now things appear to be heating up.

Not much is known about the concept, but we will keep you updated as details become available. 1499 Valenica St.