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Tap(415) Now Ready To Take Your Call At The Westfield Centre

The mall's "modern beer garden" boasts 20 taps, a full bar and boozy milkshakes.

[Photos: Patricia Chang]

The previously mentioned indoor, mall-based beer garden from 25 Lusk partners Chad Bourdon and Matthew Dolan has hooked up their taps and officially opened for lunch on Tuesday.

Eater got a look around the sleek, wood-and-metal space before the onslaught of holiday shoppers arrives to warm all those black and orange seats. When diners aren't staring at the 14 flatscreen televisions, the focus here is on the 20 taps featuring 12 local and notable craft beers, 6 wines and two cocktails called the SF Yacht Club and the Mulberry Street. Mocktails, sodas and milkshakes round out the beverage selection alongside four boozy shakes like the Mojitos Anonymous (rum, mint sorbet, lime sorbet) or Smoke in the Morning (scotch, coffee ice cream, hazelnut brittle).

The open kitchen will begin service with a menu that veers toward high-end food court favorites and sports bar fare like pretzel nuggets with a cheese fondue, reuben tater tots, aged cheddar mac n' cheese or gulf prawn corn dogs. More substantial plates include a Tap burger, steak frites, bratwurst on a pretzel roll and half a dozen salad options.