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Diner Charged With Assault After Throwing Candle Holder At Valencia Street Waitress

The suspect reportedly refused to pay and then lashed out with a table decoration.

The 400 block of Valencia Street
The 400 block of Valencia Street
Street View

Friday evening around 10:45 pm, 22-year-old suspect Juan Antonio Valdivia-Pedroza was arrested and booked on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after he threw a glass candle holder at a woman's face inside a restaurant on Valencia Street.

According to the Examiner, the man was leaving the restaurant on the 400 block of Valencia near 15th Street just before closing time on Friday evening when he refused to pay his tab. The suspect argued with a waitress and then lobbed a candle holder at her on his way out. Witnesses alerted the police and the man was arrested.

The 30-year-old victim, meanwhile, works as a server at the restaurant. She sustained a cut over her eye.

Although police reports do not confirm the exact name of the restaurant where the incident occurred, good money says it was inside Little Star Pizza, where the address is exactly 400 Valencia street and they have some very substantial-looking candle holders.