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SF Foodies' Best Kept Secret

San Francisco is the city of instant gratification. With the push of a button, you can hail a cab, send a bouquet of flowers, or even do your grocery shopping. But to eat at the city's best restaurants (our activity of choice) you still need to hunt for a table thirty to sixty days in advance.Not anymore.

Enter The Sosh Concierge. The curators of cool at Sosh have partnered with SF's hottest restaurants to hold a table every night — a table that only Sosh members can access. Members can then simply book and pay for mind-blowing meals, like the tasting menu at Rich Table or Omakase at Ichi Sushi, with one tap on their phone. For tonight or any night this week. Yep. Tonight.

Get the hookup: download the Sosh app (it's totally free!) and you're officially in.>>

And for this week only, Eater readers get their first Sosh Concierge experience at 50% off. What are you waiting for? Your perfect night is a tap away, no planning required.