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Castro Bar Launches Game of Thrones-Themed Cocktail Menu

Options include "Milk of the Poppy" and a flaming drink called "Mother of Dragons."

Game of Thrones has become weirdly influential in the SF restaurant world, with occasional pop-up Guild of Cookery recreating George R.R. Martin's lavishly described dishes from the book, and plenty of bars stocking the show's themed beers from Ommegang (and possibly its signature Wines of Westeros as well, when they debut next year). But Castro bar Blackbird has demonstrated real commitment to GoT, theming its entire new cocktail menu around references to the HBO megahit.

The menu, which debuts on December 2nd, features drinks like the Mother of Dragons, a flaming cocktail with Scotch, Amargo Vallet, yellow Chartreuse, red wine, and honey, and the Red Wedding, a gin, cranberry, and Douglas fir concoction topped off with a splash of bubbly (because the only thing people love more than murder at weddings is Champagne). And while actual opium is only available with a doctor's prescription, the Milk of the Poppy, a cognac-based take on eggnog, is a decently close second. And of course, Blackbird will stock the latest in Ommegang's GoT brew line, a Belgian dubbel named Valar Morghulis.

Here's the complete cocktail menu (all $9):

  • Castle Black: Beefeater 24, King's Ginger, honey, stout, grapefruit juice
  • Night's Watch: Gin, Luxardo, Unicum Plum, lavender bitters
  • Milk of the Poppy: eggnog, H by Hine cognac, cinnamon mulled wine
  • Mother of Dragons: Scotch, Amargo Vallet, yellow Chartreuse, red wine, honey
  • The Mad King: Scotch, port, Aperol, gum syrup, black walnut bitters
  • The Red Wedding: gin, cranberry-Douglas fir shrub, sparkling wine
  • Three-Eyed Raven: bourbon, beer, blood orange olive oil, egg white, simple syrup, Fernet