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Sunnyside Chinese Spot Caught Tenderizing Meat via Sidewalk

Ingenuity comes before hygiene at Lucky River Restaurant.

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Everyone loves a well-tenderized piece of beef, but we can't imagine that Lucky River Restaurant's patrons will be all that thrilled to find out how the Sunnyside restaurant achieves that goal. SF Weekly caught wind of a video on LiveLeaks depicting a restaurant worker at Lucky River repeatedly slamming a giant piece of beef, presumably intended for diners, into the sidewalk. "My buddies and I were walking up to the side door to Lucky River Restaurant at 700 Monterey Boulevard in San Francisco for lunch on Friday, November 21, 2014, and we saw this guy tenderizing or trying to break apart frozen meat," wrote the user. "Yes, that appears to be frozen, raw meat that he's slamming on the sidewalk. Maybe it's what makes their Mongolian beef taste so good?"

SF Weekly got ahold of Lucky River, which vehemently denied that anyone had eaten the meat in question: "The beef was destroyed, and we did not serve it." Seems like an awful waste, given the price of beef, but maybe it was some kind of CrossFit training exercise? Here's the very brief video, in which Lucky River's yellow awning and green side door, viewable on Google Maps, can be seen. Needless to say, the retaliatory Yelp reviews are already coming fast and furious.