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Dunkin' Donuts Plotting 26 Locations For the SF Area

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San Jose and environs will run on 13 Dunkin's.

East Coast transplants eagerly awaiting the dawn of Dunkin' Donuts in NorCal are nearing the finish line, as the chain has followed up on its promise of 1,000 California stores with a more concrete number for the Bay Area. Dunkin' told the San Jose Mercury News that it's plotting 26 stores for San Francisco and "the surrounding cities," and another 13 for San Jose and its environs. All in all, agreements have been signed for the development of more than 250 DD locations in California; most are in SoCal, where DDs have already drawn cronut-esque lines. The northernmost California location is currently in Modesto.

Also, while "donuts" may be right there in the name, Dunkin' told the Merc that their plans for domination in the NorCal market primarily revolve around coffee. "That Northern California market has a lot of big coffee drinkers," said a rep. "Coffee holds a special place in the way that people plan their day." Whether or not Dunkin' will be able to get locals to trade in their third-wave artisanal roasts for a light 'n sweet remains to be seen, but we'll keep you posted on concrete plans for Dunkin' locations. Expect the first wave of Bay Area donut shops sometime in 2016.