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Genova Deli and Beauty's Bagels Damaged, Looted in Oakland Protests

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Broken glass and graffiti are a common sight in Temescal this morning.

Holly Quan

A second night of protests rocked the streets of Oakland last night, as residents continued to demonstrate against a St. Louis court's ruling not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As with Monday night's protests, traffic on freeways was stopped and property was vandalized; most of the damage occurred in Oakland's Temescal district, as protestors marched north on Telegraph.

Among the damaged businesses was Beauty's Bagels, at 40th and Telegraph, which was emblazoned with the message "RIP Michael Brown" in red paint; at 51st and Telegraph, 88-year-old Genova Delicatessen fell victim to looting and smashed windows. "They took whatever they could take and headed on out," said manager Julio De La Cruz told KCBS, noting that a nearby T-Mobile store was even more thoroughly looted. "It’s just senseless." Even the neighborhood McDonald's sustained damage.