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All Spice Allstars Open Game in Former Masa's Space

"Adventurous fine dining" restaurant Game opens in Masa's former home in Nob Hill.


Lovers of Masa's will still have a home at Game, the new American restaurant from Sachin Chopra and Shoshanna Wolff of San Mateo’s Michelin-starred All Spice. Executive Chef Zack Freitas (formerly Chef de Cuisine of Commis in Oakland) and Pastry Chef Rodrigo Orcmachea will work with chef-owner Chopra to bring a seasonal, unconventional slant to the menu, in keeping with restaurant’s mantra of "adventurous fine dining".

While the menu has changed to focus on game animals like elk, rabbit, venison and duck, the dining room is largely recognizable as the former, highly-decorated Masa's—a bigger bar, lighter color palette and more natural light are most notable changes. The wine cellar, most recently curated by Master Sommelier Alan Murray, is mostly unchanged and now under the care of Conor Carroll, sommelier and assistant General Manager.

Game is set to open November 6, now currently accepting reservations.

Game Restaurant

2295 Lexington Road, , KY 40206 (502) 618-1712 Visit Website