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Legendary Sushi Chef Sachio Kojima Quietly Debuts Ramen At The Exploratorium

Another ramen spot from a well-respected local chef.

Seismic Joint/Exploratorium

Since it opened over eighteen months ago, master sushi chef Sachio Kojima (Kabuto) has been skillfully serving up sustainable sashimi in his little corner of Seaglass, Loretta Keller's upscale waterfront cafeteria in the Exploratorium. Before that Kojima's fish was the bright spot at the ultimately doomed tequila-and-sushi concept Hecho (not to be confused with this Hecho).

Now, Chef Kojima, who used to helm what the Chronicle called "the best sushi restaurant in the city," has quietly launched a new lunch-only ramen bar operating out of the Seismic Joint, the counter-service coffee and pastry spot located where the Exploratorium's Pier 15 meets the Embarcadero.

The delightfully named "The Seismic Joint Presents: Sachio's Ramen Shop!" is currently serving four different broths that pair well with the sustainable and eco-friendly vibe of the museum itself: Shoyu with soy sauce and sake, traditional miso, sea salt (with an optional yuzu citrus add-on), or a chilled sour broth. Bowls start at a relatively cheap $8.50 for vegetarian or $9.50 with chasu pork, soft boiled egg and nori. (Today's reader-submitted sample menu is below.) For now, Sachio is only doing lunches from 11am-3pm on weekdays and 11am-4pm on weekends.

Seismic Joint

, San Francisco, CA (415) 528-4893