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Tender Opens in the 'Loin

Owner Miriam Lipton invites you to get some "outstanding grape" in the "raw but ripe Tenderloin."

Tender on Facebook

In a space that has been vacant for the past 40 years, Tender rises from the ashes (conveniently located next door to fellow newcomer Huxley). Located in the heart of the "raw but ripe Tenderloin", owner Miriam Lipton has opened a pleasing oasis for snacking and drinking. Lipton has partnered with Mickey Clevenger (Bacar) to curate 21 wines on tap, three varieties of Drake's beer and bottles of sparkling wine to what is clearly a very thirsty area. The gorgeous brass taps will provide drinkers with the option to taste more wines and purchase a variety of sizes from a glass to carafe and there's a cozy-looking lounge upstairs on the second.

Snacks are all cheese, charcuterie and the appropriate accoutrements. Zoe's Meats in Santa Rosa and Fabrique Délices in Hayward provide the cured meats, served alongside Jane's sliced baguette, cornichons and whole-grain mustard. Cheeses are primarily from France, and include the likes of Brillat Savarin and Bleu d'Auverngne.