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Chris Cosentino and Mark Pastore Have Shuttered Porcellino

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As one Cosentino project opens, another closes.

Ka L./Yelp

As Chris Cosentino's Cockscomb prepares for its SOMA debut tonight, another of his projects is getting the axe: six-month-old Porcellino, the casual Italian restaurant and market that took over the former Noe Valley home of his famed restaurant, Incanto. Partner Mark Pastore, who's been with Cosentino since Incanto's inception, told Inside Scoop that "we had fun while it lasted, but made the decision that it just wasn't relevant to enough people." Pastore will continue to remain involved with Cosentino through their charcuterie business, Boccalone, but isn't a partner in Cockscomb outside of "cheering mightily as Chris knocks it out of the park." For the moment, the fate of the prime Noe Valley space remains up in the air.