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The Menu For Chris Cosentino's Cockscomb, Opening Tonight

Everything from a Hangtown Fry to a $125 steak for four people.

Patricia Chang

There's been a flurry of activity in Chris Cosentino Land this week, with the simultaneous shutter of Porcellino and arrival of his new SOMA restaurant, Cockscomb. Just in time for tonight's opening, here's a first look at Cockscomb's menu. As previously mentioned, it's a departure from Cosentino's Italian cooking, instead taking its inspiration from dishes that are "classically San Francisco" (like celery Victor, quail tetrazzini, and an $18 take on Hangtown Fry that comes with a glass of wine). But it wouldn't be Cosentino without meat, and we imagine the whole roasted pig's head and the $125 pin bone steak for four (complete with bone marrow dip) will get their share of attention. His beloved offal is in full effect as well, with sweetbreads, tripe, beef heart tartare, and three kinds of pâté and terrines.

Here's the menu in all its glory:

Cockscomb menu

For more on Cockscomb's decor (fun and funky), booze situation (gin-heavy), and other crucial details, check out our Eater Inside feature, which is chock-full of photos. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 5 pm-12 am.


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