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Manresa Is Coming Back on New Year's Eve

David Kinch rides again after a catastrophic fire.


2015 is starting with a bang: David Kinch's two-Michelin-starred Manresa, forced to close after sustaining heavy damage in a two-alarm fire back in July, is coming back on New Year's Eve. As Inside Scoop reports, Kinch will hold a special dinner that evening, and is also taking reservations for regular old dining beginning on January 2nd.

On the pricing side of things, Manresa's tasting menu will be $8 more expensive than it was before the fire, reaching $198. Regular wine pairings have gone up by $10 to $118, while reserve pairings, previously $185, have risen by $13 to match the price of the tasting. That brings the real cost of dinner for two with tax and tip, but before wine, to $510 (previously $489). Add on non-premium pairings and you're at $814 (previously $767). Related: Manresa is now more expensive than Corey Lee's three Michelin-starred Benu, which charges $195 for its tasting.

The primary damage done to Manresa was to its roof, kitchen, and service areas, with the dining room remaining mostly intact; diners will see the same footprint in the space, and the same general vibe. However, Kinch decided to make lemonade in a few areas when it came to the blaze, and is planning on replacing carpet, getting new equipment in the kitchen, and shaking up the decor a little bit. We'll have more on what the new look means for Manresa, including photos, when it reopens. No word as of yet on when ManresaBread, the restaurant's new Los Gatos bakery, will open; Kinch had originally said it would beat Manresa 2.0 to the punch, but it now looks like it'll be a 2015 affair.


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