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Soon-To-Renovate La Taqueria Is Definitely On Santa's Employer Nice List

They're closing to give employees three weeks paid vacation over the holidays.


La Taqueria's 40 years of coma-inducing, carnitas-slinging deliciousness has not only earned them the title of America's Best Burrito—now they're throwing their hat in the ring for "Best Bosses" as well. In an industry where paid sick days and consecutive vacation days are few and far between, particularly over the holidays, La Taq plans to give their hard-working employees three full weeks of paid Christmas vacation as they close for renovations.

Although not great news for those spontaneously craving La Taq's famous carnitas, the restaurant will close for their annual three weeks of "renovation vacation" from December 22-January 11. However no one can (or should) argue with their intention to keep things fresh and clean: the high-traffic establishment, which only got more high-traffic after its big win, will undergo repairs for wear and tear in the bathrooms, serious degreasing, deep cleaning and possibly new paint. If your out-of-town family is itching to sample Nate Silver's preferred slab, be sure to get them over to La Taq before Sunday night.

La Taqueria

2889 Mission Street, , CA 94110 (415) 285-7117