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Mission's Shuttered Manos Nouveau Giving It Another Shot in the Castro

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Latin flavors are coming to a coffee-drenched part of town.

Manos Nouveau

Only a couple of months after shutting its doors in the Mission, Manos Nouveau is back in action— this time, in the Castro. The upscale Latin restaurant's stint in the Mission lasted a brief nine months before it closed to make way for Californios, a different upscale Latin restaurant from Val Cantu (Sons & Daughters). Now, as Hoodline reports, restaurateur Manuel Montalban and Yucatecan chef Gualberto Nic Camara will bring their self-described "sultry and artistic environment" and "modern and sophisticated latin cuisine" to the site of another recent bomb: the former Castro outpost of Pica Pica Maize Kitchen.

In keeping with its bilingual name, Manos Nouveau continues to focus on Latin American flavors with French influences, including filet mignon with chimichurri, Latin-style chicken cordon bleu and an array of ceviches and small plates. On the drinking side, they'll serve mostly "unique Spanish and Latin wines served at temperature."

The restaurant is set to open mid-December, which means extremely soon (yesterday, if you're being technical about it). Hours will be Tuesday-Saturday, 5-10pm, and Sunday, 5-9pm.

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

3970 17th St., San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 525-3359 Visit Website