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Potrero Hill's Chez Papa Bistrot Shutting Down After 12 Years

A surprising closure at a neighborhood standby.


The shift from fine dining to casual dining continues to be a major one in SF, as evidenced by the fate of Jocelyn Bulow's family of restaurants. While casual bistro Chez Maman and funky taqueria Papito have thrived, replicating their Potrero Hill concepts to great success in Hayes Valley, the more upscale Chez Papa has floundered, shuttering its Mint Plaza location last year. Now, Inside Scoop reports that the Potrero Hill location of Chez Papa, which started the whole group when it opened back in 2002, is set to close.

The shutter is somewhat surprising, because unlike the massive Mint Plaza location, where many restaurants have struggled, Chez Papa Bistrot is a petite standby in a neighborhood where restaurants rarely, if ever, turn over. Indeed, Chez Papa is staying in the family: Bulow plans to turn it into another, still-undisclosed concept. In the meantime, the moment to say goodbye to Chez Papa is now, as December 31 will be its last night in business.

Chez Papa Bistrot

1401 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 824-8210