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This AT&T Park Gingerbread House Is As Delicious As a Giants World Series Victory

Who needs cottages when you can render the world champs in gingerbread?

It's been a banner year for the San Francisco Giants, taking home their third World Series title in six years, earning Sportsman of the Year status for Madison Bumgarner, and now, getting their ballpark recreated in wall-to-wall gingerbread. The tribute comes courtesy of Waterbar pastry chef Angela Salvatore, who rendered AT&T Park in clever detail, including an equivalent to the Coke bottle (made of gummy cola bottles), gingerbread men on the field, and chocolate replicas of the Willie Mays and Juan Marichal statues. Of course, in gingerbread world, AT&T Park's main patrons are penguins, but considering that they're hanging out in tiny kayaks in Salvatore's equivalent of McCovey Cove, we're willing to let that one slide.

If you want to drool over the orange-and-black bedecked creation, Salvatore will have it on display at Waterbar from today through New Year's Eve. Added bonus: not a single Dodgers fan to be seen anywhere on the tiny premises.


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