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398 Restaurant & Bar Brings Euro-American Sizzle to Union Square

Bonus: The Big guys are behind the bar, and getting a bar of their own upstairs.

Union Square's new Hotel G is adding some exciting new restaurant players to the area. They kicked things off last month with casual Klyde Cafe and Wine Bar, and now they're turning it up a notch with the attractive 398 Restaurant and Bar, which opens today. As with Klyde, the chef is SF native Sam Fechheimer, who's cooked at Locanda, Il Cane Rosso, and Michael Mina; here, he's offering up "Euro-American" dishes like lobster-topped Caesar salad, salt cod brandade, and steaks. For dessert, there's a classic mille-feuille, a chocolate fondant, or a Cointreau souffle. Here's the full food and drink menu.

Cocktail fans will be pleased to note that Brian Felley and Mo Hodges, the bartending team at the late, much-lamented Big, are behind the list here, which features quirky creations like the Peter Rabbit (mezcal, Chartreuse, arugula, jalapeño, lemon, agave) and the Orozco (tequila, lime, housemade apple liqueur, absinthe). Added bonus: they're also getting another chance at a bar of their own, with a spot named Benjamin Cooper opening above 398 early next year. The wine list boasts sixty bottles from around the globe at the moment, and will expand to include more come next year. Hours for 398 are daily, 5-11 pm.