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It's Official: Smitten Ice Cream Is Opening a Pac Heights Location

CopyNet makes way for liquid-nitrogen ice cream.

The original Smitten in Hayes Valley.
The original Smitten in Hayes Valley.

They denied it back in October, but Smitten Ice Cream is finally willing to own up to their latest expansion play: they'll be taking over the former CopyNet space at 2404 California Street in Pacific Heights, right next to Pizzeria Delfina. At 900 square feet, the new shop will have six of owner Robyn Sue Fisher's liquid-nitrogen freezing machines, churning out a quartet of daily flavors made by the scoop. Fisher says she actually dropped in and inquired about the space completely by coincidence, just a couple of hours after CopyNet had announced its intention to move down the street to its landlord. (For their part, CopyNet told the New Fillmore that they had to move after 20 years when their monthly rent got hiked from $6K to $10K; they're now located just down the street, at 2174 Sutter.)

Smitten, which started with one location in Hayes Valley's Proxy project, has been on an expansion tear this year, opening locations inside a Los Altos Whole Foods, in Rockridge, and in Lafayette. If all goes as planned, Pac Heights shoppers should be licking cones by the summer.