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Project Juice Is Now Cleansing Valencia (With Food, Too)

Smoothies and grab-and-go vegan meals are now part of the package.

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Clean-eating types have a lot to celebrate this holiday season, as Project Juice has followed up the Marina's new Seed + Salt with the debut of their Valencia location, which offers more sustenance than the FiDi and Russian Hill outposts. For the first time, the brand is offering smoothies, in flavors like Mission Mocha (cold brew coffee, almond milk, bananas, raw coconut, dates, cinnamon, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs) and Buff Beatnik (almond milk, bananas, blueberries, spinach, almond butter, dates, brown-rice protein, hemp seeds, cinnamon). They go for a whopping $9-10, but make compelling meal replacements.

If you'd rather solid food, there's also a grab-and-go case with plenty of healthy options, ranging from a veggie-flax burrito with sunflower-seed "refried beans," chipotle cashew cheese, and walnut "taco" crumble to a pad thai made with kelp noodles, cabbage, red bell peppers, and lots of other veggies in an almond-based dressing. For dessert, there's a cashew-cream cheese crepe with seasonal fruit. Here's the full menu.

Of course, juice is still the order of the day for many of PJ's customers, and they stock everything from green juice to almond protein shakes to the Master Cleanse. Small "wellness shots" address everything from fighting the flu to liver cleansing, and drinkers can also buy juice-cleanse packs to go. The Valencia location also boasts more seating (both indoor and outdoor) than its counterparts, allowing juiceheads to savor their meal or juice as the Mission crowds pass by. Hours are weekdays, 7 am-8 pm, and weekends, 8 am-7 pm. Project Juice's next stop will be the Market on Market complex in the Twitter building, set to debut early next year.

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