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More Details on Tartine's Forthcoming Mission Bakery/Restaurant

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Changes are in store for the original location, too.


Tartine Bakery has been relatively quiet about its new bakery and restaurant space in the Mission's Heath Ceramics building, which it announced back in April, instead drawing attention to its out-of-town goals, like a now-underway expansion to Tokyo and possible expansion plans for London and L.A. But Serious Eats got some interesting details on the new Mission project, namely that it'll become the headquarters for all of Tartine's bread production. When the facility opens, the Tartine at 18th and Guerrero will no longer bake its own loaves, instead getting them delivered three times a day from across the Mission. This will free up Chad Robertson and co. to enlarge the pastry kitchen on Guerrero and create expanded seating and a larger coffee and wine bar for guests.

Over at the new bakery, Robertson will be purchasing two different bread ovens: a power-efficient model that relies on circulating thermal oil to produce better results with more challenging grains like rye (which have been a key part of Robertson's baking philosophy in recent years), and a Roman-style wood-fired oven that will be used to bake a special, small-quantity bread in the mornings and flatbread pizzas (made with freshly milled flour) at night. The whole complex should open sometime in the summer of 2015.

Also, Serious Eats decided to rank the "10 most essential must-order items" at Tartine. Discuss.

1. Morning bun

2. Croissant

3. Pain au chocolat

4. Frangipane (almond) croissant

5. Bread pudding

6. Quiche

7. Chocolate pudding

8. Buttermilk scone

9. Passionfruit-lime Bavarian cake

10. Lemon cream tart

Heath Ceramics

2900 18th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 361-5552 Visit Website

Tartine Bakery

600 Guerrero Street, , CA 94110 (415) 487-2600 Visit Website