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Giddy Candy Company Is Now Satisfying the Castro's Sweet Tooth

Homemade confections and hard-to-find specialty candy.

Giddy Candy Company

For those slackers still in search of stocking stuffers (or just a sugar rush), Giddy Candy Company is now open in the Castro's new ICON Building, selling homemade candy made from family recipes. Owned and operated by Mary Mueller, the new sweet shop is a family affair, as much of her homemade inventory will be produced by her sister. However, the majority of candy currently on the shelves comes from local producers and other vendors, as the sisters ramp up business. According to SFist, Giddy will sell a variety of hard-to-find specialty candies, including Raaka vegan chocolate from Brooklyn and Woodblock Chocolate from Portland, OR.

The candy store joins a crop of recently opened Castro restaurant and food retailers, including Weaver's Coffee and Tea, Hearth Coffee Roasters, and the relocated Manos Nouveau. And with an Easy Breezy yogurt shop also on the way, things will likely continue to be sweet in the 'hood for a while yet.


2299 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 857-4198