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Oakland's Marrow To Be Reimagined As New York-Style Pizzeria

Classic pizza and wings will be the focus.


Fans of Marrow, Jon Kosorek's whole-animal eatery in Oakland, will be pleased to know Kosorek has a new project in the works. Along with new partner Angelo Celeri, he recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Buma's Pizzeria, classic NY-style pizza and wings restaurant for dine-in, takeout and delivery, located in Marrow's former space at 325 19th Street in Oakland. The new business is named for Kosorek's close friend and investor Bahram "Buma" Morid, who passed away from a brain tumor in July.

During the past year, a series of big life events, including the birth of his first child and Morid's passing, led Kosorek (who previously ran the Jon's Street Eats truck) to shutter Marrow and reevaluate his mission. Even though Marrow was beloved by diners and critics, the neighborhood itself was "more in need of a really great pizza place," says Kosorek. So he teamed up with fellow chef Celeri, and the duo are raising money in hopes of opening Buma's in mid-January, with the potential for more locations throughout the Bay Area.

There are only seven days left to donate to the campaign, which will help to fund the last few pieces of Buma's equipment and get their health permit renewed. As if anyone needs a better reason to donate than the possibility of delicious pizza, Buma's Pizzeria also has a charitable component—in honor of its namesake, the restaurant will donate 1% of its gross sales to cancer research.