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Troya Shutters in the Richmond, Plots New Course on Fillmore

They're moving away from Turkish fare, towards a more Mediterranean feel.

Troya Clement, now shuttered.
Troya Clement, now shuttered.

After nine years, the Inner Richmond's popular Troya has said goodbye on Clement-- and is beefing up its operations at its two-year-old twin on Fillmore. New chef Chris Borcich, who took on the top role at both Troyas back in June, is leading a revamp of the Pacific Heights location, which is going to take a turn away from its current Turkish leanings towards more of a general Mediterranean bent. To aid in this process, the kitchen will be totally reconfigured, allowing Borcich to bake his own bread and flatbreads in a brick oven, smoke his own meat, and preserve and pickle ingredients in-house.

The dining room is also set to get a revamp from Nick Roberto and Colby Thompson of the Bon Vivants, moving away from its minimalist look towards a warmer style. The communal table is getting axed in favor of banquet seating, and a new logo out front and mural in the dining room will be added. All of these changes will mostly take place over the course of January, with construction happening in the evening, after Troya closes. (It may shutter for a few days in the middle, still TBD.) After the work is complete, Troya will open earlier on weekends to serve the brunch crowd, and remain open straight through until 10 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

As for the Clement location, a rep for Troya says it's already closed down, and that a partner/manager who'd been working there for the past two years is taking it over. It's unclear if it'll remain a Mediterranean restaurant, or what changes are in store; stay tuned for more details on that front.

Troya Clement

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