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Drone Photos of a Pillaged Candlestick; Micro-Units As Dorms; The Shopping Malls of Yore

The week's best real estate and neighborhood news from our sister site, Curbed SF.

Patricia Chang

CANDLESTICK POINT—The wrecking crews aren't due at Candlestick for a while, but we sent a drone to confirm: it's already in a sad state.

SAN FRANCISCO—This being the holiday season and all, we reminisced about the shopping malls of yore—including the Crystal Palace Market, a.k.a. the Target of its day.

SoMa—People often compare micro-units to dorms. And in this case, they'd be right.

LAKE—Sadly, the one-bedroom sinkhole renting for $2,800 on Lake Street is not eligible for rent control.

SAN FRANCISCO—It's also terribly overpriced, per our latest map of median rents city-wide.

CIVIC CENTER—The old AAA headquarters has nearly completed its transformation into a glassy residential high-rise, so we wondered: How much does it cost to live in an ex-cube farm, anyway?

BAY AREA—It rained so much this week, it reminded us of other times it rained, such as 1952, when a cable car forded the flooded streets as an impromptu taxi.

EVERYWHERE—This week we announced the winners of the 2014 Young Guns competition, Curbed's annual search for the very best, brightest young talent in the design world.