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The NYC Bagel Pop-Up Drew Insane Two-Hour Lines

The line at opening time. Crazy.
The line at opening time. Crazy.
Photo: Eastside Bagels/Facebook

Eastside Bagels, the Dear Mom pop-up that imported Russ & Daughters bagels from NYC to the Mission this past Saturday, was more than a little oversubscribed, as the photo above indicates. Reports from Twitter and other social media indicate that many hopeful bagel fans waited two hours or more in the rain and cold to get their bagels, and that the dynamic duo of Sonya Haines and Wes Rowe, who conceived the pop-up, ran out of bagels long before the entire crowd was served—some diners complained on Facebook that they waited an hour or more before finding out that they'd go home bagel-less.

Reaction to the crazy bagel lines has been mixed, with some praising Haines and Rowe for their ingenuity, while others carped that it was "the most degrading 'yuppie bread line' possible...congratulations to you, foodies of San Francisco, for effectively releasing any claim of superiority over New York City." For their part, Rowe and Haines said they weren't expecting such a vibrant reaction to their bagel importing: "There has never been a pop-up [at Dear Mom] with a line like today," Rowe told SFist. "Next time we know what to expect, and will be ready." The duo have plans to revive Eastside Bagels in the future, so expect to see more lines very soon.

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