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Socola Chocolatier + Barista, a SOMA Chocolate Shop

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Socola Chocolatier + Barista
535 Folsom Street (between 1st and 2nd Streets)
Phone: (415) 484-6686
Status: Opening today

Visitors to Bi-Rite, Whole Foods and other specialty shops around town may be familiar with Socola chocolates, represented by their stalwart mascot Harriet the Flying Alpaca. Started by sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu over ten years ago, the chocolates have gained a loyal following for their creative flavors (think sriracha, guava and Vietnamese coffee) and playful presentation.

After years of selling wholesale, the Lieu sisters finally have a permanent storefront to call their own. Located within emergency Valentine's Day shopping distance from the Financial District, Socola Chocolatier will serve both as a retail outlet and a commercial kitchen where Wendy (who is trained as a pastry chef) can develop new recipes and products.

The shop will also have a cafe component where they'll serve Four Barrel coffee and espresso, plus pastries from Patisserie Philippe and a tea selection to complement their tea-inspired chocolates(jasmine, chai, earl grey and more). But perhaps the strongest draw on the menu will be the option to transform your espresso into a "truffogato" by melting one of Socola's chocolate truffles into your cup.

Hours for the new spot are weekdays from 7am to 6pm, and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. And if you're the hapless, romantic, or procrastinator type, have no fear: the Lieu ladies have stocked the shelves for last-minute Valentine's Day shopping.

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Socola Chocolatier

535 Folsom St. San Francisco CA