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David Kinch to Star in a Manresa Documentary

David Kinch made a strong showing in the literary world with the release of Manresa's acclaimed first cookbook last fall, and now he's taking it to the silver screen. The Farmer & the Chef, a 70-minute documentary from director Mike Whalen (Another First Step) about the collaboration between Kinch and Love Apple Farms' Cynthia Sandberg, is set to premiere at San Jose's Cinequest film festival on March 9, and its producers are touting it as a look at "how two creative geniuses grow and serve the perfect meal." Sandberg, who has long cultivated a significant swath of Manresa's menu (including fruit, eggs, and milk) on the 20-acre plot, will demonstrate her biodynamic growing techniques in the film; Kinch's renovation of Manresa in 2011 will also be touched upon. For a taste of the finished film, check out the gorgeous aerial footage of Love Apple in the clip above.

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