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The Podolls' New Boutique; Pastel Shoes For Spring; A Tiny Jewelry Store's Party; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Kristen Philipkoski shares the top retail and fashion news of the week.

[Photo: Aubrie Pick]

BURLINGAME—Not only do The Podolls have the coolest new boutique in Burlingame, but they're extremely good looking to boot.

BAY AREA—Winter barely happened, and now spring is right around the corner. Be on top of your shoe game with these nine pastel beauties.

CASTRO—The tiniest jewelry store in San Francisco is giving away a $3,000 diamond ring and throwing a bash on Friday. You should totally go.

SAN FRANCISCO—Roseli Ilano creates beautiful, handmade bags with textiles created by artisans from around the world. Her work is so good that she won a car.

EVERYWHERE—This week in Editor's Picks we've got the prettiest blue leather pouch, an ode to Brilliantine, a floral record player, eyeliner that lasts forever and lots more.

HAYES VALLEY—At Lux SF, even pregnant women can safely get a weekly mani/pedi.

EVERYWHERE—Have you ever wished you had a pager again, but that it could be really pretty? Your dream has come true.

SAN FRANCISCO—First a collab with GOOP and now a gorge spring collection—we're proud to call eco-fashion brand Amour Vert a San Francisco original.