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Umami Burger Gets Burrata; Doge Is a Restaurant Yelper

SOMA—The latest in insane burger innovations comes to us from Umami Burger SOMA, where the restaurant's signature burger (each location has one) has been appointed. The Caprese Burger ($15) features heirloom tomatoes, arugula, basil, a truffle-balsamic reduction, and for that extra dose of calories, fresh burrata. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—Someone on Yelp is reviewing local restaurants in the voice of Internet phenomenon Doge. (S)he really enjoys Sushirrito ("WOW DOGE SUCH BLOWN AWAY. many gone w/ wind status") but could go without the aforementioned Umami Burger ("SUCH LITTLE BURGER, MUCH EXPENSIV.") [Racked SF]

SAN FRANCISCO—Are you one of the approximately 10 million people who write Michael Bauer complaining about restaurant noise? Here are some places trying to accommodate you. [Inside Scoop]

LOWER HAIGHT—The daily grind for The Grind has improved, thanks to a renovation and expansion. It reopened today. [Haighteration]