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Liquor License Prices Rise; Craftsman & Wolves Goes Cyber

SAN FRANCISCONeed proof that SF is in an absurd restaurant boom? The cost of an average Type 47 license (that's a full beer, wine, and liquor license with food on-premises) was $80K in the city just a few years ago; now it's $225K. [Examiner]

THE INTERNET—Send some Craftsman & Wolves goodies to someone special for Valentine's Day: they now have an online store, offering passionfruit-olive oil curd, smoked butter caramels, pates de fruit, and more. [Anthology]

HAYES VALLEY—Gluten-free types should hustle over to Jardiniére for tonight's Monday prix-fixe dinner, featuring three dishes typically verboten for the gluten-intolerant (bread salad, lasagna, profiteroles), all made sans the offending wheat protein and for $49 total. [Hayeswire]

THE MISSION/HAIGHT-ASHBURY—Under-renovations The Alembic is losing longtime bartender Danny Louie to the Tacolicious gang; beginning in March, he'll be working on the cocktails for their upcoming Chino and also upping the drink game over at sister tequila bar Mosto. [Tablehopper]


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