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Awards Season

7x7's annual Big Eat list, featuring the "100 Things to Eat in SF Before You Die," has hit the Web, and as usual, it's a pretty comprehensive tour through the SF dining scene, from classics (Swan's crab Louie, the Alembic's jerk-spiced duck hearts, Burma Superstar's tea-leaf salad) to newbies (Mikkeller Bar's salt-cod cakes, Lt. Waffle's creme fraiche-cucumber-salmon roe waffle, Merigan Sub Shop's Arista sandwich). And whoever made it has a serious chicken obsession: there are three roast chickens (Park Tavern, Limon Rotisserie, Zuni Cafe), two chicken-liver mousses (Starbelly, SPQR) and two fried chickens (Mission Bowling Club, Zero Zero), not to mention chicken wings, chicken mole, claypot chicken, and chicken vermicelli noodles. [7x7]