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Watch Christopher Kostow Offer Advice to Young Cooks

Christopher Kostow, chef of The Restaurant at Meadowood, is unquestionably at the top of his field (three Michelin stars and all), but that doesn't mean he doesn't remember the struggles of coming up in the culinary world, where there can be "a total disconnect between that primary emotion that got you there, and the day-to-day of your job." In this video, which features plenty of Meadowood plate porn, he discusses the tricky balance of having ambition and the humility to keep learning in the kitchen: "[Cooking] is a young man's game—it requires the energy of a young person to be successful." At age 37, Kostow has been lucky and talented enough to reap the rewards of the field while still having the energy, which he's the first to admit.

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The Restaurant at Meadowood

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