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Danny Louie IN at Chino; Suvir Saran Hints at Menu

MISSIONAlembic bar star Danny Louie has officially made the move begun the transition to Chino, the Tacolicious team's forthcoming dumpling and noodle spot, and will be bartending at Mosto on Tuesday nights while working on the new spot's cocktail menu. Look out for some fresh drinks in the meantime, as Louie is adding new "tequilacentric" cocktails to Mosto's offering, while he continues to hold down the fort at The Alembic (for now). [EaterWire]

MID-MARKET—Details are trickling in about Suvir Saran's forthcoming restaurant in the new NEMA building, and he's revealed some of the menu items on the way, from "crispy, crunchy" fried chicken and Grandmother's cornbread to spicy cabbage with peanut ginger slaw, which he says "turns humans into goats while endlessly grazing." [Bay Area Bites]

EAST BAY—Are restaurants that don't serve booze doomed to fail? Here's the story of why Chris and Amy Hillyard (of the Farley's cafes) scrapped their planned spot inside Oakland's The Hive. "We saw the reality of how if all the stars were not aligned, we stood the risk of losing everything." [EBX]

INNER RICHMOND—Inner Richmond pub The Plough and the Stars got a nod in Thrillist's 21 Best Irish Pubs in the US list, which rhapsodizes on the spot's special charm: "Once the fog starts to roll in at dusk, you'd swear you were in Ireland when inside the Plough." [Thrillist]