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OpenTable Rolls Out Mobile Payment System Today

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OpenTable's mobile payment pilot program apparently went well, because as of today, the reservations giant is rolling out its mobile payment system to its full customer base, with a select handful of SF restaurants on board for the initial run. The program is still limited to iOS users exclusively (Android is on the way), but the intention is to allow diners to save time and hassle (and give servers a break as well) by inputting their credit card info into the OpenTable app. The initial cohort of restaurants includes Jardiniére, Radius, Boxing Room, Dosa on Fillmore, Piccino, and more.

The move is intended to help OpenTable expand its business (which is getting some serious competition from the likes of CityEats and Urbanspoon), as well as fend off potential new competitors like Apple and Square. Here's the list of the SF restaurants participating in the mobile payment pilot:

Bisou Bistro
Boxing Room
Cafe Bastille
Chambers Eat + Drink
Dosa on Fillmore
Piccino Cafe

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