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Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails, Beer Land in SF

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San Francisco's Girl Scouts are showing the rest of the country how it's done when it comes to selling cookies: in addition to charging the highest prices in the nation ($5 a box, compared to everyone else's $4), they're also coming up with inventive ways to retail them (like selling them to stoners departing pot clinics). So it's no surprise that a couple of local bars have come up with ways to capitalize on the irresistible treats by integrating them with another local passion: booze. This week, you'll be able to taste your favorite flavors in both beer and cocktail form, thanks to the efforts of Cerveceria de MateVeza/WOODS Polk Station and the Alembic, who'll be supporting the organization by buying many, many boxes of cookies to pair with the drinks.

WOODS originally introduced its cookie beers during last year's Beer Week, and they proved so popular that they got a month all to themselves this go-round. The brewery is offering five flavors at both of its locations beginning this Friday: Thick Mint (peppermint porter), Samoale (coconut-cocoa nib Belgian dubbel), Beerfoil (shortbread golden ale), Hopalong (peanut butter-chocolate stout on nitro), and Brew-Ski-Do (peanut butter cream ale). Each pint comes with its corresponding cookie; try all five, and you'll get a badge. (Responsible troop leaders can get a flight of short pours instead.)

Meanwhile, the Alembic is taking on the same five classic flavors via cocktails ($13 each), each of which is served with two of the corresponding cookies. The lineup:

Do-Si-Do: Tyrconnell, Honey, Allspice Dram, Swedish Herb Bitters

Peanut Butter Patty: Campeon Blanco, Orgeat, Creme de Cacao, Lemon, Orange, Aztec Chocolate Bitters

Samoa: Santa Theresa 1796, Becharovka, Cocchi Americano Rouge

Shortbread: Elijah Craig 12yr, Vanilla Rhubarb Shrub, Becherovka, Lemon

Thin Mint: Chartreuse, Carpano Antica, Pear-Cardamom Shrub, Aztec Chocolate Bitters, Cardamom Bitters, Pine Street Milk Stout

As for SF's actual Girl Scouts, they'll have to settle for plain old milk for now, but hopefully they can take comfort in living according to the tenets of the Girl Scout Law.

· Girl Scout Cookie Beers at Woods/Cerveceria [SF Brewers' Guild]

WOODS Polk Station

2255 Polk St., San Francisco, CA