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Three Restaurant Critics Join the National Eater Team

Big news today in the Eaterverse: the Eater network as a whole is introducing three professional critics into our ranks. They are Ryan Sutton, previously the food critic for Bloomberg; Robert Sietsema, the longtime Village Voice critic, recent Eater NY writer, and general expert on all things related to ethnic food; and Bill Addison, the former dining editor and restaurant critic for Atlanta magazine. Sutton's work will begin appearing on the various Eater sites on Monday, with Sietsema arriving on April 1 and Addison coming on board on April 15.

What does this mean for Eater SF? Mostly, not too much: Sietsema and Sutton will only be doing criticism in NYC, while Addison will roam the country, only stopping into the Bay Area every once in a while as he quests to compile the first ever all-USA version of the Eater 38. However, when he does come through town, his reviews will appear right here on this very site, for your enjoyment. Your regular editors, Allie Pape and Rose Garrett, will continue to be good old-fashioned blogger/reporters, not critics. This is the first in many changes for Eater this year, which will also include a redesign and other surprises—stay tuned.

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