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Scenes From Opening Night at Off the Grid: Fort Mason

Friday marked the season opener for Off the Grid's Fort Mason event, and the food truck fest has stepped its game up this year, with 14 new vendors, more booze and a carnival theme that brings classic games like Skee-Ball and Whack-a-Mole to the mix.

Now with 35 food vendors (here's the full list), the Off the Grid is experience is no longer confined to Fort Mason's central parking lot, but begins as soon as you cross the entrance into Fort Mason's official turf. Upon entering, a merch tent and shuffleboard area welcome visitors, and The Alembic's dedicated cocktail area offers up mint juleps, smoked herb margaritas, tea punch and a make-your-own hi-ball option (all $10).

Magnolia holds down its expanded beer tent with favorites like Proving Ground IPA, Blue Bell Bitter and Kalifornia Kölsch ($6), and the Rolling Thunderpussy mobile beer cart delivers brews to the thirsty masses waiting in long lines for food truck favorites like The Chairman Truck.

A DJ and lively cover band are on hand to keep the party going, and there's one more crucial detail: attendees from years past may recall the cutting wind and freezing temperatures that normally hit once the sun goes down, but this year OtG has compensated by providing heat lamps scattered throughout the event. In addition to warming cold fingers, these give a great opportunity to mix and mingle while huddled together with attractive strangers.

Off the Grid runs from 5-11pm every Friday through October, so plan accordingly for your end-of-week food truck fix.

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