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Eater Pizza Week Starts Right This Very Second

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It's hard to believe that less than a decade ago, SF wasn't considered much of a pizza town. These days, locals have a panoply of great pizzas to choose from, whether they want a fancy Neapolitan pie, a great New York-style slice, or an oozy round of deep-dish. And so, this week, we bring you a second edition of Eater Pizza Week, in which we devote a week's worth of stories to what is possibly the world's most perfect food. Expect mouthwatering maps of iconic pizzerias, interviews with top pizzaiolos, a roundup of gluten-free pies, pizza and drink pairings, and much more.

But we need your help for one feature: we're looking for your best and weirdest pizza delivery stories. Whether you used to sling pies and witnessed something crazy, were on the receiving end of an insane delivery driver, or maybe just had a pleasant if unexpected evening with your pizza purveyor, we want to hear about it. Share in the comments, via e-mail, or anonymously over the tipline.

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