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Chefs' First Tweets; A $400K Napa Wine Theft

BAY AREA—The Twitter First Tweets module is getting a workout today, and Inside Scoop rounded up a very amusing collection of various local food professionals' maiden voyages into Twitter. Discussed: fake gay marriages, a crush on Ricky Martin, and in the immortal words of Shawn Gawle, "struttin' my ass." [Inside Scoop]

WINE COUNTRY—A worker at a climate-controlled wine storage warehouse in Napa came close to making off with $400K of wine (divided among nearly 350 cases) before he got caught by the cops last night. They found stolen bottles in his house and nearly $70K in cash. [Chron]

THE MISSIONThe Wild Kitchen, the fine-dining arm of Forage SF, is back this weekend, serving fancy foraged fare like nettle and celery-root ravioli and paprika-baked sardines. It goes down tomorrow and Sunday, 6:30-9:30 pm, at Stable Cafe. Tickets are $90. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Mezcal aficionados won't want to miss Tres' La Ruta del Mezcal event on Saturday, with tastings from 12 producers and Mexican snacks all for the reasonable price of $35. More info here. [EaterWire]