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Azalina's Malaysian Is Moving Into the Twitter Building

Building photo: Ken Lund/Flickr

It's been a big week for restaurant activity at Market Square, otherwise known to most locals as the Twitter building: just a few days after Kristian Cosentino revealed that he'd be moving his massive beer/booze/meat palace Dirty Water into a 250-seat space in the complex, another tenant has made the leap: Azalina Eusope of Azalina's Malaysian. As Tablehopper reports, the La Cocina alum, who's earned acclaim for her street food stalls and pop-ups, will join the two aforementioned projects, plus AQ's brasserie Bon Marché and grocery store Small Foods, with a 45-seat restaurant and a 30-seat outdoor space.

The restaurant, which Eusope is debating naming after herself, is intended to be casual and informal, with lunch, dinner, and snacks in between, and a solid takeout component. Unsurprisingly, the food will be Malaysian, with dishes like crab tamales, laksa, spinach-yam dumplings, chicken curry, and other fare that blends fresh local produce and Malaysian technique and spices. She likely won't serve alcohol, but will have house-fermented traditional drinks. Her space will feature large windowed doors that slide open onto the back patio, where she plans to host movie screenings and bonfires. Expect it to arrive in September; in the meantime, Eusope continues to appear at Off the Grid: Fort Mason each Friday.

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Azalina's Malaysian

1355 Market St., San Francisco CA