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The Full Video of the Molotov's Google Glass Incident, Profanity and All, Hits the Web

Sarah Slocum, the woman who was allegedly attacked over wearing Google Glass at Molotov's last month, turns out to have a more complex backstory than previously understood: she's had altercations with both her former neighbors and her own mother that resulted in restraining orders, for starters. Now she's released the full video of the incident on YouTube, and needless to say, it doesn't look so hot as far as her culpability is concerned. (It's also NSFW, at least as far as audio content goes; be forewarned.)

In the video, which was originally found by Raw Story, Slocum can clearly be heard yelling at two women at the bar, referring to them as "white trash" and threatening to sue one of them for attempting to remove the glasses from her face. She also refers to the women as "fucking bitches" and "ugly-ass bitches" and flips them the bird. (To be fair, the women use some fairly salty language as well.) All of this behavior runs counter to Slocum's original story, which was that she wasn't recording until she was threatened and then only captured 10 seconds of the fight because she didn't instruct the Glass device to continue recording.

Slocum's alleged attack has ignited something of a cultural firestorm in SF, with one bar banning Google Glass use on premises due to privacy concerns and another countering by actively soliciting Glass users via an offer of free drinks. For her part, Slocum told Eater National that she thinks restaurants and bar owners should promote the use of Glass: "It's free marketing for these establishments...The ability to take media at an establishment and share it with people is obviously liked by their marketing departments and they want more people to be exposed to their restaurant, bar or coffee shop or whatever."

Update, 3:00 pm: Reached for comment by SFist, Slocum maintained her innocence and says that she was attacked first: "After I had been flipped off, called a bitch, told to get out, had people trying to assault and rob me of the Google Glass, and had dirty bar rags thrown at me yeah, I cursed at them back."

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