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Mark Bittman at Camino; KitTea Meets Funding Goal

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OAKLAND—New York Times Magazine food columnist Mark Bittman recently paid a visit to Oakland's Camino, where he raved about the "strength and utter brilliance of [chef Russ Moore's] flavor combinations and the downright simplicity of it all." Read on to see the blissed-out review of the "palate that cannot be stopped." [NYT Mag]

SAN FRANCISCO—In the words of cat cafe entrepreneurs Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, "KitTea is now going to be a reali-tea!" The incoming local cat cafe has exceeded its Kickstarter CrowdTilt goal and will officially be opening up their zen-inspired tea house retreat this year. [EaterWire]

BERNAL HEIGHTSICHI chef Tim Archuleta has collaborated with Almanac Beer Co. to create a limited-edition brew they're calling ICHIBIER. Inspired by classic Japanese rice beers and making use of everything from shiso leaf and yuzu juices to sushi rice from the ICHI kitchen, the result is a light-bodied blonde ale, now pouring at ICHI + NI.

SOMA—The folks at RateBeer are at it again with a beer bash tomorrow afternoon. Featuring plenty of beer, plus cheese, brewer talks and more, the event takes place at SPUR's offices from 2pm to 6pm. [EaterWire]